Sunday, September 8, 2013

13:00-20:00   Registration
18:00-20:00   Welcome cocktail

(*13:00-19:00   Incorporating event: International Wheat Genome Sequence Consortium ‘IWGSC’ Workshop)

Monday, September 9, 2013

(Poster Set-up Time : 08:00 - 14:00)
Opening session
Chairperson: Takashi Endo
9:00-9:10   Opening Remarks
Yasunari Ogihara, Chairman, Symposium Organizing Committee
9:10-9:20   Welcome Address
Takashi Suzuki, Deputy Mayor of Yokohama City
9:20-10:05   Special Lecture
Koichiro Tsunewaki
Prof. H. Kihara’s genome concept and the succeeding wheat cytogenetics advancement in his school
10:05-10:25   Gathering for the memorial group picture of the 12th IWGS
10:25-10:40   Coffee & Tea Break
Chairperson: Hirokazu Handa
10:40-11:25   Special Lecture
Thomas Adam Lumpkin
How a gene from Japan revolutionized the world of wheat
11:25-12:10   Special Lecture
Catherine Feuillet
The international effort to sequence the 17Gb wheat genome: Yes, wheat can!
12:10-14:15   Lunch
Ernie Sears Memorial Lecture
Chairperson: Robert McIntosh
14:15-15:00   Special Lecture
Takashi R. Endo
New Aneuploids of common wheat
JSPS-ACORE sponsored session
Session 1: Germplasm and Genetic Diversity
Chairperson: Hans Braun
15:00-15:35   Plenary Lecture
Helmut Knupffer
Genetic resources of Triticum
15:35-16:00   Keynote
Yehoshua Saranga
Genetic diversity in wild emmer wheat: A key for understanding past domestication and enhancing future production
16:00-16:20   Coffee & Tea Break
16:20-16:35   Oral presentation
Shahryar Kianian
Wheat nuclear and organelle genomics: Where they intersect great things happen
16:35-16:50   Oral presentation
Kenji Kato
Genetic diversity in Asian wheat landraces, based on the analysis of heading time genes and non-adaptive DNA markers
16:50-17:05   Oral presentation
Manoranjan Dutta
Development of core set of wheat germplasm conserved in the National Genebank in India
Session 2: Cytogenetics and Evolution
Chairperson: Hisashi Tsujimoto
17:05-17:40   Plenary Lecture
Bikram S. Gill
Wheat chromosome analysis
17:40-17:55   Oral presentation
Pierre Sourdille
Evolutionary dynamics of genes controlling meiotic recombination in wheat: How are they retained expressed and variable?
18:00-20:00   Poster Session (Session 1, 2, 3, and 4)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NIAS-sponsored session
Session 3: Toward the Whole Genome Sequence
Chairperson: Catherine Feuillet
9:00-9:35   Plenary Lecture
Jizeng Jia
Aegilops tauschii draft genome sequence reveals a gene repertoire for wheat adaptation
9:35-10:00   Keynote
Yasunari Ogihara
Comprehensive functional analyses of expressed sequence tags in common wheat
10:00-10:15   Oral presentation
Kellye Eversole
The IWGSC bread wheat chromosome survey sequencing initiative
10:15-10:30   Oral presentation
Fuminori Kobayashi
Development of the BAC physical maps of wheat chromosome 6B for its genomic sequencing
10:30-10:50   Coffee & Tea Break
NIAS-sponsored session
Session 4: Structural and Functional Genomics
Chairperson: Jizeng Jia
10:50-11:25   Plenary Lecture
Jorge Dubcovsky
Functional genomic tools to understand wheat development
11:25-11:50   Keynote
Rohit Mago
Major haplotype divergence at the Sr2 stem rust resistance locus
11:50-13:45   Lunch
13:45-14:00   Oral presentation
Tsuyoshi Tanaka
Sequencing of wheat chromosome 6B: Toward functional genomics
14:00-14:15   Oral presentation
Jaroslav Dolezel
Chromosome genomics in wheat: Are we finished?
14:15-14:30   Oral presentation
Liuling Yan
Genetic mechanims of vernalization requirment duration in winter wheat cultivars
14:30-14:50   Coffee & Tea Break
Session 5: Satellite Workshops (with three parallel sessions)

Session 5.1: Brachypodium Research for Wheat Genetics and Biomass Research Platform (Sponsored by RIKEN Biomass Engineering Program)

Coordinators: Kazuo Shinozaki and Keiichi Mochida
14:50-15:00   Introduction
Keiichi Mochida
15:00-15:30   Presentation 1
David Garvin
Genome analysis of nonhost resistance to stem rust in Brachypodium
15:30-16:00   Presentation 2
Matsuo Uemura
Cold-acclimation-induced changes of plasma membrane proteome in Brachypodium distachyon
16:00-16:30   Presentation 3
Anthony Hall
Mutant hunting in hexaploid wheat
16:30-17:00   Presentation 4
Shancen Zhao
Toward complex plant genome sequencing: Retrospect and prospect
17:00-17:30   Presentation 5
Daisuke Saisho
Bio- and information resources of Brachypodium toward genome-oriented breeding in Triticeae crops

Session 5.2: Genomic Assessments of Global Wheat Genetic Resource Collections (Supported by NBRP-Wheat and CIMMYT)

Coordinators: Shuhei Nasuda and Thomas Payne
14:50-15:00   Introduction
Hélène Lucas
15:00-15:25   Presentation 1
Benjamin Kilian
Major initiatives to improve wheat production in Europe
15:25-15:50   Presentation 2
Kailash C. Bansal
Evaluation of 21000 wheat accessions conserved in the National Genebank in India for tolerance to terminal heat stress
15:50-16:15   Presentation 3
Singh Sukhwinder
Seeds of Discovery (SeeD), CIMMYT: Unlocking the useful genetic variation from genebanks for wheat improvement
16:15-16:30   Break
16:30-16:55   Presentation 4
Mark Humble
High-throughput phenotyping - A boost for genomics in the 21st century
16:55-17:20   Presentation 5
Gina Lynn Brown-Guedira
TCAP: Improving wheat germplasm for changing envrionments
17:20-17:45   Presentation 6
Xueyong Zhang
Wheat core collection and its use in diversity and association research
17:45-18:10   Presentation 7
Shuhei Nasuda
The core-collection of hexaploid wheat accessions conserved by the National BioResource Project-Wheat, Japan
18:10-18:40   Discussion and Closing
Hans Braun

Session 5.3: Application of Genetic and Genomic Studies on Disease Resistance to Wheat Improvement (Supported by KWS UK Ltd / Bayer CropScience / SATREPS Afghanistan Wheat Project, JST/JICA / BGRI)

Coordinators: Tomohiro Ban, Hermann Bürtsmayr, and Matthew Rouse
14:50-15:00   Introduction
Tomohiro Ban
15:00-15:25   Presentation 1
Hermann Bürtsmayr
Breeding wheat for resistance to Fusarium head blight: Challenges and possibilities
15:25-15:50   Presentation 2
Matthew Rouse
Rust Diseases - Review from BGRI achievement
15:50-16:15   Presentation 3
Viktor Korzun
Marker-assisted selection for disease resistance in wheat breeding - Promises and reality
16:15-16:40   Presentation 4
Jeff Ellis
Genetic and Genomic studies/tools of Host-Pathogen Interaction to be applied for wheat resistance improvement
16:40-16:50   Break
16:50-17:15   Presentation 5
Kostya Kanyuka
Modulation and manipulation of plant defences by Mycosphaerella graminicola during wheat infection
17:15-17:40   Presentation 6
Jessica Elaine Rutkoski
Applying genomic selection to breed for stem rust resistance in wheat
17:40-18:05   Presentation 7
Ravi Prakash Singh
Breeding for resistance to globally important wheat diseases - Current status and future prospects
18:05-18:35   Discussion
Panelists: Beat Keller, Evans Lagudah, and Colin Hiebert
18:35-18:40   Recap and Closing
Francis Ogbonnaya
18:30-20:00   Poster Session (Session 6 and 7)

(*19:00-21:00   Incorporating event: International Triticeae Mapping Initiative business session)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Session 6: Gene Function and Molecular Biology
Chairperson: Beat Keller
9:00-9:35   Plenary Lecture
Graham Moore
Exploiting comparative biology and genomics to understand a trait in wheat, Ph1
9:35-10:00   Keynote
Wolfgang Spielmeyer
Genetic control of plant architecture
10:00-10:20   Coffee & Tea Break
10:20-10:35   Oral presentation
Olesya Shoeva
The specific features of anthocyanin biosynthesis regulation in wheat
10:35-10:50   Oral presentation
Shigeo Takumi
miR156 is associated with the grass clump phenotype in hybrids between tetraploid wheat and Aegilops tauschii
10:50-11:05   Oral presentation
Yuji Ishida
High efficiency wheat transformation mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Symposium excursion
13:00-20:00   Departure from Symposium venue
Technical Tour (OP-1), Tokyo Half Day Tour (OP-2), Kamakura Half Day Tour (OP-3); See the details in Optional Tours.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Session 7: Biotic Stress
Chairperson: Silvia German
9:00-9:35   Plenary Lecture
Colin Hiebert
Stem rust resistance - Two approaches
9:35-10:00   Keynote
Evans Lagudah
Wheat resistance genes to a subgroup of biotrophic pathogens:Diversity and function
10:00-10:15   Oral Presentation
Manisha Shankar
Germplasm enhancement for resistance to Pyrenophra tritici-repentis in wheat
10:15-10:35   Coffee & Tea Break
10:35-10:50   Oral presentation
Zhengqiang Ma
Precisely mapping scab resistance QTLs for breeding utilisation
10:50-11:05   Oral presentation
Sridhar Bhavani
KARI-CIMMYT-DRRW partnership in East Africa: Working together to beat the threat of Ug99
Session 8: Abiotic Stress
(Supported by ALRC, TU)
Chairperson: Peter Langridge
11:05-11:40   Plenary Lecture
Roberto Tuberosa
Genomics approaches to dissect the genetic basis of drought resistance in durum wheat
11:40-12:05   Keynote
Jochen C. Reif
Improving stress resistance switching from line to hybrid breeding
12:05-14:05   Lunch
12:45-14:00   IWGS IOC and LOC
14:05-14:20   Oral Presentation
Hisashi Tsujimoto
Broadening the genetic diversity of common and durum wheats for screening abiotic stress tolerance
14:20-14:35   Oral presentation
Hollie Webster
Utilization of the IWGSC wheat survey sequence for RNASeq analysis of water stress effects in developing wheat heads
14:35-14:50   Oral presentation
Suchismita Mondal
Earliness in wheat: A key to adaptation under high temperature stress
14:50-15:10   Coffee & Tea Break
Session 9: Grain Quality
Chairperson: Tatyana Pshenichnikova
15:10-15:45   Plenary Lecture
Gerard Branlard
Coping with wheat quality in a changing environment: Proteomics evidence of stresses caused by the changing environment
15:45-16:10   Keynote
Toshiki Nakamura
Starch modification: A model for wheat MAS breeding
16:10-16:25   Oral presentation
Craig F. Morris
Quality characteristics of soft kernel durum -A new cereal crop
16:25-16:40   Oral presentation
Tatsuya M. Ikeda
Proposal of international glutenin research group
16:40-16:55   Oral presentation
Tatyana Alexeevna Pshenichnikova
Enlargement of the genetic diversity for grain quality in bread wheat through alien introgression
16:55-18:40   Poster Session (Session 8, 9 and 10)
Business Session
18:40-19:20   IWGS organizing meeting for ‘Plans for future IWGS and strategic perspectives’
Chairperson: Peter Langridge, IOC Chairman

Incorporating event: International Wheat Genome Sequence Consortium Coordinating Committee Meeting (Coordinating Committee members only)

Friday, September 13, 2013

NARO sponsored session
Session 10: Classical and Molecular Breeding
Chairperson: Mark Sorrells
9:00-9:35   Plenary Lecture
Shunsuke Oda
Recent improvement of Japanese wheat
9:35-10:00   Keynote
Eduard D Akhunov
A haplotype map of wheat and its utility for wheat genetics and breeding
10:00-10:15   Oral presentation
Viktor Korzun
Molecular and classical wheat breeding in Europe: Current status and perspectives
10:15-10:30   Oral presentation
Rima Thapa
Determining the order of resistance genes Qsng-3BS, Fhb1 and Sr2 and combining them in coupling on wheat chromosome 3BS
10:30-10:45   Oral presentation
Hermann Buerstmayr
Meta-analysis of resistance to FHB in tetraploid wheats - Implications for durum wheat breeding
10:45-11:15   Coffee & Tea Break
OECD-CRP Session (Sponsored by the OECD's
Co-operative Research Programme on Biological Resource Management for Sustainable Agricultural Systems)
11:15-11:20   Opening Remarks    Yasunari Ogihara
11:20-11:30   Short Address of OECD-CRP Theme Coordinator     Hitoshi Nakagawa
Part 1: Wheat Research for Sustainable Food Chain Challenging for
Adaptation and Mitigation to the Climate Change and Global Food Security
Chairpersons: Pedro Brajcich Gallegos and Hitoshi Nakagawa
11:30-12:00   Keynote
Matthew P Reynolds
Exploring genetic resources to increase adaptation of wheat to climate change
12:00-14:00   Lunch
14:00-14:30   Keynote
Beat Keller
Genomic approaches towards durable fungal disease resistance in wheat
14:30-15:00   Keynote
Zhen-Sheng Li
New progress in wheat wide hybridization for improving the resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses
15:00-15:20   Coffee & Tea Break
15:20-15:50   Keynote
Michael Baum
Global crop improvement networks to bridge technology gaps
15:50-16:20   Keynote
Mark E. Sorrells
Genomic selection in plants: Empirical results and implications for wheat improvement
16:20-16:50   Keynote
Rowan Mitchell
Wheat genes for enhanced human nutrition

(Poster Removing Time: 17:00 - 18:00 on Friday, September 13, 2013)

The 12th IWGS Banquet
19:00-   Banquet

Saturday, September 14, 2013

OECD-CRP Session
Part 2: Enhancing Relevance and Efficiency of Wheat Science for the Society
Chairperson: Tomohiro Ban
9:00-9:30   Plenary Lecture
Koji Murakami
What does wheat flour industry expect from wheat science?
9:30-10:00   Plenary Lecture
Juan Juttner
What does seed sector expect from wheat science?
10:00-10:30   Keynote
Hans J. Braun
Improving wheat for world food security: Concerted approach of IWGS and International Wheat Conference (IWC)
10:30-11:00   Keynote
Peter Langridge
Wheat Initiative (WI) for sustainable food chain
11:00-11:20   Coffee & Tea Break
11:20-11:50   Concluded Recapitulation
Masa Iwanaga
International wheat genetics stewardship of green economy and sustainable food chain


Closing session

11:50-12:00   IWGS Closing Remarks
Yasunari Ogihara

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